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Download osF


Overview functions

Several manuals

osFinancials version 5 Installing for the first time Advantages of osFinancials
Stay up-to-date with osFinancials version 5. 
For € 50,00 excl. VAT per year you can order an annual subscription. This gives you the possibility to work with the latest version. 

The annual subscription includes the plugins  
bankimport en email document pro.

For comparing osF version 4 and version 5, click here.
When you install osFinancials for the first time, we recommend you read these installation instructions first. This shows some useful tips for installing osFinancials.

Do you want to upd
ate your osFinancials version and are you running into problems, w
e provide assistance. Contact us bu using the contact form.

  • A very extensive base
  • Unlimited set of books with the same download
  • Various industry oriented solutions 
  • Modulair expansions by various plugins

Any questions
Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. us.

Fair and transparent Always acces to your own data Industry oriented solutions
We stand for "What you see is what you get". Because of the possibility to buy your own plugins you will not be faced with any surprises.

In our webshop each product is specified and the price of the products are shown. There will be no annoyingly high invoices or payments afterwards. 

The osFinancials program runs locally, therefor you are always in charge of your own data.
You are the one who enters your data and you can always enter you data.

With osFinancials you are able to manage your input and have insight in ou
tput and reports. osFinancials is the way to go.

  Different industries takes various solutions. 
  We have industry oriented plugins for:

  • Catering industry 
  • Retail POS (shops)
  • Driving school 
  • Subscription plugin (various industries)
  • E-commerce (web shop)
Multi user Your administration and bookkeeping Designing your one layouts
The technique of osFinancial makes it possible to work with more then one person at the same time. So there are more then one employees working in the same administration.

To make this possible a computer has to be installed as a server. This can be any computer. An other solution is to rent space at a hosting company. Where the osFinancials can been installed.
osFinancials isn't only for administration work. It also contains items for bookkeeping:
  • Balance sheet account
  • Profit- and  loss accounts
  • Budgets
  • TAX reports

More bookkeeping items are available as plugins: For example: 

  • Asset plugin
  • Plugin “Bookkeeping PRO”
  • XML-audit file
With the included Report Man you can adjust  
the layouts for the documents e.g. quotes, invoices, credit note.

But is it also possible to design your the documents to your own needs and wishes. You own logo on your quotes or the best layout for your company. To determine the positions of the adres or printing the right information of your products.