osf (full install) released 2007-09-10



  • sf bugnr 1790680 GUI-Tab-order in "Eigenschappen van administratie wijzigen" Corrected tab order
  • sf bugnr 1790671 gui - Inconsistent use of icons Used default english in pick language the other icons have been updated
  • sf bugnr 1787340 Checkboxes 'Open voor invoer' not cleared Checkboxes are cleared now
  • sf bugnr 1786612 how to escape an escape... Esc is now possible
  • sf bugnr 1786607 SQL -204 in undoing processed journal entries Transaction now uses default post batch
  • sf bugnr 1768862 VISTA: Field labels missing on stock search screen I now create a TEdit this fixes the problem
  • Subaccounts with different groups now show up at that group.
  • Made sure the period form has the correct data (Carine reported some strange things).
  • Messagebox now shows more correctly as the form gets recreated rather than reused.


  • No groups order in TLedgerviewer
  • Write out all old forms for buget edit gl,tax and bank account.
  • Multiselect of groups in The Tledgerviewer will select nesteled accounts when viewing details.