osFinancials opensource accounting

- An extensive package

- Several industry-specific solutions

- Is highly customisable

- With optional plugs modular expandble

- Personal contact


osFinancials is the accounting package for everyone. If your a novice or an experienced entrepreneur. osFinancials is the package you can start working with directly. With the very extensive basis, osFinancials fits for both small and large companies and is a good financial start. We work on our products on a daily basis and releas new products in the market.
Who doesn't want to pay too much, but still wants a good and comprehensive package... get acquainted with osFinancials

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If you're using osF3.x (version 3) and want to upgrade to osF4 than you first need to "upgrade to version ".

To download osFinancials (full version or update) , you will be forwarded to www.sourceforce.net. This is a website which hosts all kind of open source software just like osFinancials.

Screen shots

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Agenda functie Artikelen

In the basic version the following unrestricted (number of) functions are included:

  • Ledgers
  • Accounts Payable / Receivable
  • Contacts
  • Cash / Bank Book
  • Journal entry
  • Products
  • Documents (purchase quote, purchase order, returns, sales, quotes, credit notes)
  • Reporting (trial balances, profit and loss, budgets, outstanding items, lists of entries, etc)
  • Unlimited set of books
  • Backup / restore function
  • 1 calendar (plugin: multiple calendars)
  • Projects
  • Cost Centers
  • Budgets
  • Workflow
  • Automatic order advice for inventory by default supplier
  • And much more

For a complete list, click here.