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Download osF


Overview functions

Several manuals

osFinancials version 5 Installing for the first time Advantages of osFinancials
Stay up-to-date with osFinancials version 5. 
For € 50,00 excl. VAT per year you can order an annual subscription. This means you always have access to the latest version. 

The annual subscription includes the plugins bankimport and email document pro.

For comparing osF version 4 and version 5, click here.

Before installing osFinancials, we recommend you read these installation instructions first. This shows some useful tips for installing osFinancials.

If you run into problems when upd
ating to a new osFinancials version, w
e can provide assistance. You can reach us by using the contact form.

Online manual can be found here.
Manual html English
And in Afrikaans.
Manual html Afrikaans

  • A very extensive base
  • Unlimited set of books with the same download
  • Various industry specific solutions 
  • Modular expansions using a variety of plugins

Any questions?
Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. us.

Fair and transparent Always have access to your data Industry-specific solutions
We stand for "What you see is what you get". Because you get to decide which plugins you want to include, there are no extra surprise costs. 

The one-time or annual licensing price is clearly detailed in our webshop, with no hidden fees or payments.  

The osFinancials program runs locally, with data stored on your own computer. Unlike some cloud-based accounting systems, you have full control of your data. 

With osFinancials you are able to manage your input and have insight in ou
tput and reports. osFinancials is the way to go.

Different fields have custom needs. We have industry-specific plugins for:

  • Catering industry 
  • Retail POS (shops)
  • Driving school 
  • Subscription plugin (various industries)
  • E-commerce (web shop)
Multi user Business management and bookkeeping Designing your own reports 
osFinancial has a multi-user option, allowing multiple employees to safely and concurrently work in the same set of books. 

For this to work, one computer in your business needs to be assigned as a server. Alternately, it is possible to rent server space from a hosting company and install and us osFinancials remotely.
osFinancials includes business management functionality, and also provides for general bookkeeping procedures.
  • Balance sheet account
  • Profit- and  loss accounts
  • Budgets
  • TAX reports

Extra and advanced bookkeeping functionality can be added with  plugins: For example: 

  • Asset plugin
  • Plugin “Bookkeeping PRO”
  • XML-audit file
osFinancials comes with a built-in report editor called 'Report Man'. With this tool you can edit and customize the layout of all report documents (e.g. quotes, invoices, credit note etc).

You have complete controle of the report layouts: you can add your own logo, arrange address information, modify how products information is displayed - complete flexibility. You can copy an existing report and easily modify it for special purpose reporting.