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  • Restserver : Is now serving valide JSON arrays. 
  • Account view : Colukn balance was missing a day of transactions. in end of year.
  • Tabs in the excel report where not renamed if the prefix trn was not in uppercase.
  • Documents :Going in to a document then save made the list reporder.
    This happen only once now as the Query includes a union ( union all now)
  • Some dialogs needed to be expanded to show correct.


  • Datapump : now allows destnation databse to be a Firebird database.
  • Document setup now has a tick box option to add comments below the selected item (default on).
  • Adding a database now pops up a select file dialog.
  • Documents : Added a way to add custom actions like clear a document and set it to a status canceled.
  • Documents : If there is a remark it will auto expand when going in to the document.


  • E-Commerce : Added build in databrowser.
  • E-Commerce : Supprts presta shop forms for quote import.
  • Retail pos Price 1 2 3 in the list was not showing for the first added item.
  • Bankimport : Added Pay pro 2021 (new export)