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osfinancials 5 b

After the release some bugs where reported and we have created a new version 5 to get rid of the findings.

Thanks to all who helped find them.




The new version of osFinancials is now officially published.

Download the update here

or the full install

Click here for the change log

IJsland set of books

osFinancials has applied to be listed on the Island tax office list as an official tool to hold your accounting data.

There is a special database release that should be used as a basis.

Just create a new set of books and download our Ijsland official basis set of books.

New feature : barcode scanner scan your products with your camera

There is a osFinancials App for Android. With the App Orders Adapter you take your customer data and product data with your phone or tablet. It allows you to make orders on the go. You will need no internet connection As soon as you get online, you can synchronize the prepared orders with osFinancials and process your quotation. Now using the com.google.xzing.barcode scanner to scan you products.

The adapter cost are 25 euro excl. TAX per year. Click on the links to watch the videos, the manual or you what to look in the store.



Get it on Google PlayThe new version has a first support for mysql and postgress this makes it even more flexible. Now make your pick on one of the 3 databases when creating a new set of books. Use our manual to set up a demo (mysql postgress) and start helping out finding the remaining bugs. video

Postgress : Pro users
Mysql : online users
Firebird : easy users

Download the update here.


Single user osFinancials

Single user Imbedded.

With the sinle user imbeded you got a zero install program that does not require anny firebird server to be installed.
You can even copy this to a memory stick and run it on anny Windows pc from thats stick. The restriction is that you can only use it with one user. But the ease of use of osFinancials or checking out a new version is a lot easyer.



Why do you give this program for free?

It is our mission to provide good accounting software to as many as possible companies at the lowest price possible. Our way is to do this via this free program called osFinancials, a solid accounting system.

osFinancials has four big advantages for your company:

  • You do not have to re-invent the wheel yourself. Via the osFinancials forum you can meet other users. This provides you the opportunity to ask all your questions on how to operate the software in your specific situation. You are not alone.

  • Knowledge of many companies is used to build the software. What works for many others will work for you too!

  • The software is for free so it will only cost you what you really need and that is software fully tuned on your situation. The costs depend on available time and knowledge within your company. How much can you do yourself?

Of course all this is only possible if you help us give companies free software by buying our support, plugins, manuals. Cash is needed to guarantee continuation of new releases including the requirements of the osFinancials community.