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Cost Centres - Setup Cost Centres

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Setup Cost Centres

Before you may use this option in TurboCASH, you first need to create cost codes (cost groups, or cost centres).

Once this is done; you may activate these in specific batches (journals) and documents. Processing transactions in batches and / or documents, allows you to select specific cost Centres for each transaction.

You may then print various reports for these cost centres (Cost Centre 1 and / or Cost Centre 2).

Create Cost Groups

You may create up to Reporting Groups 2 for Cost Centres. These Cost Centres may be activated in batches (journals) and / or documents. If you only create Reporting Group 1 for Cost Centres, only one (1) Cost Centre will be available in batches and / or documents.

Once the batches and / or documents are posted (updated to the ledger), you may print reports for each cost Centres from the Reports ribbon.

To create Cost Centres:

  1. Click on the Setup Groups menu.
  2. Click on the Cost Group 1 button.
  3. Select the REPORTING GROUP ROOT and click on the New button.
  4. Enter the name of your Cost Centre (e.g. Cost Centre A, Job Cost name, etc.).
  5. Repeat the process until you have entered all the Cost Centres for Cost Group 1, etc.
  6. You may also repeat the process to add Cost Centres for Cost Group 2, if applicable.
  7. Click on the OK button to save your changes.

You may click on the Print button to print a list of your Cost Centres.