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Plugin Activation


This manual will explain how to retreive the plug-inlicence, how to turn on/of plugins and how to turn on/of plugins in the activation list. To use a plugin, two steps must be taken. STEP 1: Retreiving the plugin codes. STEP 2: Turning on the concerning plugin. Both steps will be shown here.  

This manual contains tree parts: 

- Retrieving plugin licences

- Turning on the plugins

- Plugin activation list 



Your purchased plug-in (s) or trial versions can only be activated in version 4.0.0.q build (735) or higher. If you have an older version , you first have to update to version 4.0.0.q . ( Coming from version 3, look here for instruction) . If you have previously registered with a version lower than 4.0.0.q , you must re-register on this site. For TurboCASH this is version +

Retreiving plug-in licence


 Eactivate plugin1  Go to the "Start" tab. Then click on "Online Registration".


Eactivate plugin2

Enter your "Username" and "Password"you also used by the registration on our website/in our webshop.  Tick the checkmark "You agree te the licence"  en click on "Send". Your plugin code will be retreived from our server.


Register on this website for basic registration of osFinancials or TurboCASH

use the username and password in the register form in the application.






 Eactivate plugin3

You will see all the plugins you purchased or plugins you have asked for a trial.

Behind the purchased plugin(s) you will see the number of collection opportunities and possibly the end date of the plug-in specified
If the counter of the retrieval capability to '0', then the plug-in(s) is/are blocked.
To reset the counter, you can send us an email with the request to activate the plugins again

the plugins are about to expire, osF will give you a notice. You will also receive  a quotation for extending the usage periode. Aften paying the quotation, we will extent the usage period and the plugin licence need to be retreived again.



Turning on the plug-in 

After you have retrieved the plugin code(s), you must turn on your plug-in (by administration or user). Turning on your plugin is done through  tab "Settings" Click there "Plugins" 

Eactivate plugin4 

The plugins are divided in several categories. Look between the plugins for the plugin you want to turn on. For example the plugin "Stockcheck"


NB The bank import plugin is an exception, it is always active and does not need to be turned on separately


Eactivate plugin5

This takes you to the screen to be able to put your plug-in 'on or off '. Put the plug-in "ON" . Then click "Save".  After turning the plugin(s) ON of OFF, it's wise to start osFinancials again so that the change is fully implemented by the program. After that the plugin is ready for use. Further explanation on how to use the plug-in or set this up , we refer to the various manuals

The Plugin activation list 

When osFinancials is being installed all plugins are also being installed with the consequence osFinancials may start or work slower. It is recommended to check if there are any plugin installed with isn't being used. 

of this is wordt ge├»nstalleerd, worden ook alle plug-ins meege├»nstalleerd. Het kan daardoor verstandig zijn, om te controleren of er geen plug-ins aanstaan welke niet gebruikt worden. Dit maakt het starten van en het werken met osFinancials een stuk sneller. 

 Eactivate plugin6 To turn on or off a plug-in go to the tab "Setup". Click on "Tools" -> "Activate Plugins". The screen below will be shown. 

Eactivate plugin7

First click on the line  "Root". Then on the button "active only" to turn of all the plugins wich aren't bought. Depending on the bought plugins there will be plugins with a green check mark or a red cross. 

PAY ATTENTION: After purching new plugins these actions need to be repeated.