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Multimedia plugin

The multimedia plug-in is a versatile product. You can link files in divergent forms of osFinancials.

Examples are debtor, creditor, stock items and document groups.  You can link a image to stock items or debtors but also link signed and scanned documents to debtors.

If you also have the email pro email send will also be linked to the document that was send and the debtor. This makes finding that email to the client with great ease. The outlook link plugin can scan true your outlook in and out box to see if there is email that uses the clients email address. If so it copies the email to the multimedia of that debtor / creditor.

Product in shop shop.

Activate the plugin on the tab Setup then Icon Extra Plugins->Multimedia



You will see the flowing form.

Defaultgroups : Links de input to default extensions to group types.



All files with the extension .jpg will be placed in the first group of the list (products_image for default stock image) the line STOCKGROUPNEXT.JPG makes sure the next unique value will be automatic selected from the list of groups. you add groups by simply typing in your group name.

If you use the Image to jpg you can convert GIF PNG BMP WMF EMF to a JPG image that can also be compressed and set to a maximum height.

With the function import files to stock you can add images quickly with a file that contains a stock code and a full image path.
This file must be a tab delimited file.

If you activate the plugin this will be available in the tabs of multiple forms. This is a image of the multimedia in the stock items.


To link a new file to the multimedia you need to press the button add. After that select the file you want to link or copy.

The divergent kind of linking is

  1. Copy file : Copies the file to a folder of osFinancials.
  2. To database : Copies the file in to a field in the database.
  3. Free url : Hyper link or other URI. Just the link is stored.
  4. Link file : Link the file to the original folder and do not copy the link.

If you double click on the line or select the button show details you can adjust the group or description.
Its also easy to open the folder that the file is on with the button next to file location.

If you have a TWAIN device then you can directly scan from the device to the multimedia.

TWAIN is supported by Web cams , scanners and other image devices.

Supported forms

  • Stock items
  • Debtors
  • Creditors
  • Groups
  • Projects
  • Documents

Plugins that make use of the multimedia

  • E-commerce
  • Remittance
  • E-mail pro
  • Outlook sync
  • CRM