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Order APP

This is the manual for the Android app plugin for osFinancials / TurboCASH.

App store link


This is the adaptor for osFinancials but its extendible if you like the concept we can write it to read from a external source and customize the connector.

for more information about this please send us your wishes to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Setup the adaptor as stated in this manual.


After setting up go to the setup screen of the adaptor you are ready to connect the app to your own set of books.

Main screen

Select your action.

Create new quotes or edit / email them

Look true your customers list to find the address or telephone number.

Stock item look at your stock items and if there is a image you can view that and zoom in / out on the tablet or phone.

Stock item form in list form.

Group based lookup

Customers form



Order list

if a quote is selected then you can email it to your customer or office by using the default Android email.

You will see a email with the document details that will be send to the email address that was used in the quote details.


Order details

Line details

Quote data


New use your camera to scan barcodes.

This is a barcode you can scan.


Android google XZING barcode example


You can also use PDF 417 or QR codes like this QR code you can scan both images with your camera to see the barcodes.

The barcode app can be started to get the code of any product or http link.


Android google XZING QR code example