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osFinancials 5 vs osFinancials 4

osFinancials is een boekhoudpakket met voorraadadministratie en kassasysteem.

Functie osFinancials 4
osFinancials 5 Business 
50,- p.j.
osFinancials 5 Business plus 300,- p.j.
Unlimited set of books,
General ledgers,journals, debtors, creditors and articles. Various financial statements and reports.
Updates X V V
Excel export/import and commentary X V V
Connecting to the server with a user X V V
4 K monitor support and improved layout X V V
Easy input run of budgets  X V V
Including bankimport plugin X V V
Including emailing documents in a pdf attachment and ubl 2.1 file. X V V
Including support en multi user X X v


Try osFinancials 5 now

There are more expansions available. Take a look into our webshop to see the various of possibilities. 
We also do customized work. If you are interested, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. us.