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Log in and registration; what and how

Below we distinguish the two registration and login



There are two different spots you can register:

  1. On our website
  2. In the programm osFinancials

For both registrations you will use the same data.   

Log in

If we talk about log in, we mean loging into the administration(s) in the program osFinancials.  If you have made users, you will encounter this pop up screen.


 It is also possible you encounter problems with loging into the program. Click here to see if you can find a solution to your problem, 

Why do I need to register on the website?

First we want to tell you that the osFinancials software is covered by Freeware licence. This makes our software completely free for everyone without registering! Why then would you make the choice to register yourself?

You can register the software for the following reasons.

  1. To ask a question on the forum
  2. To purchase a paid product or to request a trial version in our webshop.
  3. To receive our newsletter

If you have registered, you can log in to our forum and ask your fellow users of osFinancials. This is a diversity of people. Some users are real accountants, but there are also users who have more experience with it computers. They may be able to help you with more technical questions. In addition, with your registration you can request (trial) versions of plug-ins in our webshop.


How to register on the website

You can only register via this website. We have ensured a combined registration. This means that with one registration you have access to our forum and webshop.
When you have filled our the form, you will receive an e-mail confirmation, so that it is checked that your e-mail address is correct.







How to enter your registration data in osFinancials

If you have registered, you can enter your registration details in osFinancials. This information is used when licencecodes need to be retreived with the purche of products in our webshop. 

To enter you regitration into osFinancials, go to: 


Enter your details on the pop-up screen and click on "Send"