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The program doesn't start


  • On Windows Vista and Windows 7
  • On a Microsoft server 2008 / Windows Viste and 7
  • When using a network printer


With Windows Vista en Windows 7

After the installation, start osF as the administrator for the first time.
Click here for the right mouse button on the osF icon and choose "Run as Administrator" in the selection menu.


osFinancials on a Microsoft Server 2008

When using server 2008 you will have to exclude osF in the DEP protection.
To do this, click with the right hand on the computer in the windows explorer.
And then with links on the menu option "Properties"

In the popup schreen, click in the list -> "Advanced system settings"

In the next screen go to the tab "Advanced" and click the button "Settings".

Go to the tab "Data Execution Prevention" Check the settings for DEP are set like the exapmle below.
Click on the buton "Add" 


Find, with the browser, the folder osFinancials is installed in and select "accounting.exe" or "osfinancials.exe"  for older versions.

Click on the button "Open".  

Now osFinancials is in the list of exeptions. Close all screens.


With the use of a netwerkprinter

This is a bug in the Quickreport report generator. This report generator will be written out but now has very valuable already tested reports. Before this is a good tested replacement, it will still exist. The solution is simple, choose another standard printer in Windows (eg create a text generic printer) or remove the printer.

It is not very common but if it occurs it is 100% guaranteed this bug.