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Membership-Subscription plugin

With this plugin you'll never forget to charge your members for a subscription.

You can define for each member :

  • which product or service they bought.
  • The repeating frequency (x times per day, week, month etc.)
  • A warningperiode in which you get automatically reminded to send the customer a notice for continuing using your services (ie. 31 days before the invoicing date).
    So you'll always get remided to remind your customer to renew his/her subscriptions.
  • The quantity of days before or after the renewal date osF let you create the invoice by a click on a button.
  • A diffrent contract periode (ie 1 year) with the invoiceing period (ie per month).

You also can:

  • See when the next renewal date will be.
  • See when the last invoiced date was.
  • Send an automated invoice by email.
  • search through the subscriptions for a specific product/service and see who has a subscription to it.

Plug-ins don´t need to be downloaded they are allready present in osF.
You will receive an unlocking code per email within one day after receiving payment.
WIth a push on the button you´ll activate the bought plugin.

Price: 210.00 EUR
Copyright MAXXmarketing GmbH
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