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Conversion Extensive

With this product one of our technical consultants will convert files of your present accounting software to osFinancials with the maximum of time for 2 hour. Data from several accouting software can be converted if the data can be submitted in a csv, xls, txt, or wk1 format. If you want to know if your data can be converted you can contact us.

The files that will be converted in the "Conversion Advanced" are:

  • Debtor file
  • Creditor file
  • Stock file
  • Legder accounts
  • Mutations

The Dutch accounting software packages that we can convert from, are:

  • Accountview
  • ADBPlus
  • Davilex
  • Exact
  • Muis
  • Nedsof

Price: 250.00 EUR
Copyright MAXXmarketing GmbH
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