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Coc- VAT- Zip code check plugin

This plugin is only for the dutch market.

With this plugin you can do tree things: 1) You can check the zip code through the streetnamen and number.
2) You can check the VAT number from your debitor of creditor.
3) You can collect the folling data from the Camber of Commerce.

- Company name
- Address
- Zip code
- City
- Province
- Website
- Status of the company (active, non-active etc....)
- Remark relating to the status (for example Trustee information etc. )
- VAT number/BTW number (also possible to use for European companies)

You will receive a 1000 credits by the start of the plugin. With every successful 'search call, your amount will be recharged with 1 credit. If the search call isn't successful, no credit will be charged. The credits are valid for one year, after that year all credits are lost.If you buy additional credits, the earlier credits will remain available If your credit amount is 0, you can buy more credits in our shop.

Be aware! Besides a working version of osF, you also need a Internet connection to collect the data.

Price: 45.00 EUR
Copyright MAXXmarketing GmbH
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