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Horeca POS plugin

With this plugin you can create a checkout system specifically for catering.

The use of handheld computers can speed up the serving of customers and gives you a control of the ordered products.
After recording an order at a table, the ticket printer in the kitchen and / or bar and / or POS pc will be used for the specific printout of the products.
You can specify a product to be a "kitchen" or "bar" product, and thus the printer specified is used to print the order.
You can even use product options such as butter, mustard, bread, etc. if wanted.
Products can be selected through. a quick search function based on the starting letter of the product.
Or through icon based images of the productgroup and ultimately the product. 

With the floor plan of the terrace or room, you can manage tables indicate how many place settings are used.
Tables can be split or merged.
And the total order can be split up separately with the press of a button.
The orders can be set on hold after closing the active screen.

This plugin is sold with the support contract and multi-user plugin for free.

Plug-ins don´t need to be downloaded they are allready present in osF.
You will receive an unlocking code per email within one day after receiving payment.
WIth a push on the button you´ll activate the bought plugin.
Video of the latest version(Dutch) Video of a older version(Dutch)
Setup cost:
Price: 90.00 EUR
Copyright MAXXmarketing GmbH
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