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Retail POS plugin

Yearly subscription

The rules with a green color are already available.
The rules with a black color are development requests.
The rules with a blue color are being developed.

Functional requirements:

1.When you buy a quantity of the same item it get totalized on one line.
2.The Capability to work with product options.
3.The option money or waste disposal station, etc. to use.
4.The possibility for renting items.
5.Orders on hold (with save button).
6.Orders split.
7.Determine which payment methods are used.
8.Price agreements can be used in the Retail POS system.
9.Real time sales results in a chart.
10.Use of a touchscreen monitor.
11.Use of groups and color schemes.
12.Add comments in the sale.
13.The use of serial numbers / batch / locations.
14.Real time switching between salesmen.
15.Restricting login controlled by RF-ID (Wireless Access)
16.Choose an existing customer with each sale.
17.Prepaying with proof of payment checkout.

18.Sell with a handheld computer (PDA) directly from the shop floor.
19.Customer creation in POS System.
20.Search for customer by postal code plus home number.
21.Search for previous sales or already purchased products in the POS system.
22.When multiple barcodes respond on a scan, there should be a selection screen shown with more product info.
23.Keep showing the change even when the drawer is opened.

Setup cost:
Price: 90.00 EUR
Copyright MAXXmarketing GmbH
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