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osFinancials 5 Business Class

Friday, 24 March 2023 - 11:15:02  

We take great pleasure in introducing you to osFinancials, the most comprehensive accounting software package available in the market. With osFinancials, you can easily manage all your financial requirements from one place. From invoicing to budgeting and inventory management, osFinancials has all the necessary tools to help you succeed. Its intuitive user interface and powerful features make it easier for you to take control of your finances and achieve success.

Welcome to osFinancials5 Business class, an extensive accounting system that can cater to various industry-specific solutions. osFinancials5 offers a wide range of plugins to expand its power and functionality, making it an all-in-one solution for your accounting needs.

What makes osFinancials5 stand out is its ability to support 79 different languages and tax regimes languages, linked to 87 Sets of Books (databases) which can be downloaded and customized to meet your unique requirements.

Thank you for taking the time to explore osFinancials. We wish you all the best in your accounting journey!

osFinancials 5 Business Class

It appears that after years of development and support for osFinancials and TurboCASH, the current model is not working effectively. To overcome this issue, the team is introducing "osFinancials 5 Business" as a new version that offers additional features and capabilities.

While osFinancials 4 remains free to use, users seeking more advanced functionality can upgrade to "osFinancials 5 Business". This version is available free of charge for users with fewer than 500 transactions or documents, but for those with more, a yearly contribution of 50 euros (excluding taxes) or 60 dollars will be required.

For users with existing subscriptions for multi-user or retail POS, the license for "osFinancials 5 Business" will be included as part of their existing subscription.

Every time an unregistered version osFinancials5 is started, the following confirmation message will be displayed:

This software is limited to 500 transactions or 500 documents. Please register and buy a licence for osFinancials
This copy of osFinancials is not registered! Do you wish to register it now?

Unregistered versions will allow you to process up to 500 transactions and /or documents. Once this limit is reached, osFinancials5 will not allow any processing of transactions, in batches and / or or documents. 

Once you have registered osFinancials5, you will receive an unlocking code and will be able to process further transactions and or documents.  

Included in the registered version of osFinancials5 - Business Class: 

  1. osFinancials Subscription - Process unlimited (more than 500) transactions and documents.
  2. Bank import plugin iconBank import - The Bank Import plugin allows you to import a bank statement file that has been downloaded from your online banking system, and save it directly into your Bank account (Cash-book). This plugin is designed to save you time, as you no longer need to manually enter transactions into the Payments journal and Receipts journal.

By using bank references, this plugin automatically allocates or links payments, deposits, receipts, debits, credits, and other transactions to the correct accounts. This process eliminates the need for manual allocation, saving you time and reducing the potential for errors.

Documentation : Help topic.
Documentation : osFinancials website - Bank import plugin
Documentation : osFinancials website - Bank Reconciliations Plugin

  1. Multi-workstation iconMulti-workstation - If you want to use osFinancials5 or TurboCASH5.2 with multiple users simultaneously, the Multi-workstation plugin makes this possible. This plugin allows unlimited users, as long as the hardware can support them. To use the Multi-workstation plugin, you will need a network with a shared folder.

Documentation : TurboCASH website - Multi User Installation  -  
Documentation : osFinancials website - osFinancials / TurboCASH multi user setup - Windows server 
Documentation : osFinancials website - Multi Werkplek (linux server) Plugin - Linux server (Dutch only) 

  1. E-mail pro iconDocument E-mail Pro - This plugin enables you to send invoices or quotes via email with customized layouts. You can create unique layouts for each email you send, giving you the flexibility to design the kind of email you want to send. This plugin also allows you to send multiple examples of your documents at once.  It's important to note that the document layout and email layout of the documents you want to send must be the same. Additionally, you can send multiple documents of the same type, such as quotes or invoices, simultaneously.

Documentation : Help topic
Documentation : osFinancials website - Document email pro plugin

  1. Multi-media iconMultimedia Pack - The Multimedia Pack plugin is a versatile product that enables you to link files in different forms of osFinancials. For example, you can link images to stock items or debtors and even attach signed and scanned documents to debtors. If you have the Document E-mail Pro plugin, emails sent will also be linked to the document that was sent and the debtor. This makes it easy to find the email associated with a specific client.

The Outlook Link plugin is also included in the Multimedia Pack, allowing it to scan through your Outlook inbox and outbox to see if there are any emails using the client's email address. If an email is found, it will be automatically copied to the multimedia section of that debtor or creditor. This feature makes it easy to keep track of all correspondence related to a specific client.

Documentation : Help topic
Documentation : osFinancials website - Multimedia plugin -