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Introduction to Cost Centres

Cost Centres allows you to allocate and report on costs allocated to a specific cost centre or cost group which may be recoverable from a specific department, contract, job, task, etc.

The use of Cost Centres in TurboCASH5 is optional. By default cost centres are not activated.

The processes for Cost Centres are as follows:

  1. Create Cost Centres (Cost Group 1 and / or Cost Group 2)
  2. Activate Cost Centres
  3. Add Budget for Cost Centres
  4. Create Documents for Cost Centres
  5. Create Invoices for Hours
  6. Use Cost Centres in Batches (Journals)
  7. Activate Cost Centres in Batches (Journals)
  8. Process Transactions in Batches
  9. Reports for Cost Centres
  10. Editing / Changing Cost Centre Transactions