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osFinancials 4.0.0.x


  • Document : Fast enter lost focus after scan.
  • Report ledger details had a wrong opening balance when not using a year as period.
  • Report ledger listing was not showing needed sql adjust.
  • New load reports had a right issue. Now you can control it again true access control.
  • General search : Transaction reference was not in the search algorithm.


  • Documents now can have layouts per type this is also implemented in the email pro.
  • New option for batches "Cannot create account" this will stop the question for account creation.
  • New lookup in bank batch use general search.
  • Batches : "Match on openamount" match the line on the only outstanding amount in the set of books. If there is multiple maches it wont work.
  • Referentie grootboek schema (Dutch) rekening schema
  • see /Link "Referentie grootboek Schema" elements to accounts.
  • Adding accounts now trys to get the best new account number even for subaccounts.
  • Backorder description of document line is now remembered when adding backorder and getting the order into the document line will keep the original description.


  • XMLAuditfile export for "belastingdienst (Dutch tax) was not yet unicode proof.
  • XMLAuditfile Import error when debtor list was shorter then accountlist.
  • Stockcheck reviewed and manual added.
  • Subscriptions inputforms and manuals reviewed.
  • Freefields had a import error.
  • CRM new project option