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osFinancials 5.0.0.a


  • New Delphi version (XE 10 Rio)
  • Changed TRibbon to TDxRibbon as TRibbon was not supported anymore.
  • Moved around some of the icons to make it more sensible.
  • new skinning
  • New / clean icons.


  • Credit limit was not calculating the right total amount.
  • Can recover from Error in settings.dfm
  • In stock if you scroll during a save and Ecommerce upload is running you could move the record before the whole save was done.


  • Block chain option : add blockchain data to your posted data to be sure no one can change the data.
  • new open item view in open item with report to see 0-29 | 30-59 | 60-89 | and > 90 days open. including historical open items.
  • Pivot table in Ledger viewer (Draft )
  • SQL server support (2017) there is a backup in bin\sql\scripts that should be used as a basis.
  • New excel import / export for accounts debtors creditors stock groups and batches.
  • New budgets entry form.
  • Network copy function to lower bandwidth needs for multiuser but keep the application running local with the benefit of a singel install location.
  • Works with Docker Firebird 2.5 image.


  • Price agreement button to select account or stock item was not visible for all users.
  • Price agreement import from document button to import items using a invoice as basis for the products.
  • ECommerce run as user was not picking up the right osF user.
  • Nas / Cloud drive solution
  • Send package for cargo united needed an update after there server move. 
  • Email pro added UBL2 export for document types invoice, quote , credit note and order.
  • Updated examples in Dutch and English for Email pro, Remittance and subscriptions.
  • Activa now has a pivot and rows data report showing the life of the activa.
  • New Dyna plugin Transitional items(Transitorisch boeken).
  • Bankimport Auto recon file. tries to load your file using all fo0rmats and then shows just the list that had records with a date and a amount. Also there is a countries filter to limit the list of choices.