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osFinancials 4.0.0.y(1093)


  • Reverse batch should use the max id + line id for links and restore.
  • Transfer transactions is now working as expected and does not link of the a random id.
  • Credit limit message was not showing the correct amount.
  • Group lengt for importing accounts was to short.
  • Changing position of a node in groups was not moving the disabled icon.


  • Default text stock import allows for free fields to be included (only 1 to 1 and just update existing records) the field name in free fields should be used as header for the field data.
  • Default text stock import allows to match on creditor code field.
  • From document you can now access the debtor / creditor free fields with a right klick on the debtor / creditor code field.
  • Added extra check for links so the open amounts are in line with the inks table.


  • Rabo bank import 2018 corrected description and account import
  • Fixed Rabobank import not showing descriptions
  • Price agreement Ondersteund nu inkoop waarde verschilrekening. Het verschil van de ingegeven prijs per stuk en de uiteindelijke te betalen prijs wordt geboekt op als extra waarde op de voorraad rekening en bij het artikel. Hierdoor kunnen andere bijkomende kosten zoals vervoer in de kost prijst worden verrekend.