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osFinancials 5.0.0.b


  • Saving plugins in documents was not working correctly.
  • Userreport folder could not handel spaces
  • Tick boxes for discount and disabled are restored in stock edit.
  • The colour is now the same for every row.
  • Plugin list was not cleared when rebuild resulting in double plugins.
  • Back ground image was not showed
  • Reverse batch for documents did not work anymore.
  • Plugins are now disabled before a process and then enabled after like reverse batch.
  • Copy document was not updating the list after copy.

Added / Changed

  • News is now a feed that is listed. ( no more use of the imbedded IE )


  • Converted BTW plugin
  • Free field was giving when error using date field
  • Activa was not processing correctly


Use the Zip if the installer does not work on your operating system.

Unpack and make a shortcut to accounting.exe