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osFinancials 5.0.0.d (290)


  • Batch : if import from posted data the error of closed TblAccount will popup.
  • Batch : if switched tabs to posted import from posted batch the errors of closed TblAccount will popup.
  • Batch : if asked for a  account creation the default cancel was not set (  esc did not work)
  • Batch : In normal batches ( not bank cash) you would get open item link 2 X for a line.
  • Stock : Direct editing of price was not picking up the . as a , for Dutch users.
  • General : If auto refresh was on and you are editing a item ( debtor, creditor , Stockitem) then moved back to the documents screen
    the data sets would be closed and you could lose your work 
  • Documents :Using the quick add item option in documents was hiding some parts of the search form and did not restore well.
  • Show transactions was not showing transactions tab when launch
  • Starting osF 2 times with little time in between sometimes resulted in settings.dfm being removed. Also the osf.ini was not read with share compatible so it also gave a lock error on that file. Over write of the settings file will now be a question that can be cancelt.
  • Debtor/ Creditor Right klick create a document was giving the cannot preform this operation on a closed dataset for TblBatch.
  • Backup restore buttons where switches but now there buttons again.
  • Print from contacts was not working.
  • Blockchain disable was giving SQL error.

Added / Changed

  •  In batches you can copy paste a account code now and will not get an error if you edit the code with the copy past menu.
  • More translations for the new spreadsheet import export
  • Added example formats to the setting of the spreadsheet import export like number and date conversion.
  • New Excel Reporting with examples for Column balance on account and groups. And some smaller examples with debtor / creditor listing.
  • Documents :fast keys -> cltr+F3 is focus barcode input and alt+F3 is focus Qty input.
  • Auto update and easy update install. Including downgrade to osFinancials 4.


  • Retail pos : In case of manual edit of the qty and having the lookup grid style and price agreement active the tax listed for the tax reports could be off.
  • Retail pos : Added Pay F1, save F2 and cancel F3 as speed buttons for programmable keyboards.
  • Retail pos : New barcode scanner ( see video)
  • E-Commerce : API v3 username is used as client id and password is the secret. No extra PHP anymore as Delphi 10.3 has no problems with calling the service. 


Use the Zip if the installer does not work on your operating system.

Unpack and make a shortcut to accounting.exe


New spreadsheet : 

New barcode scanner : 

Convert your data to SQL server :



Full install

Zip file