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osF local webserver

With the osFinancials/TurboCASH local webserver you can use a simple version of the software in a webbrowser. You can use a tablet to enter data.

The data will be entered in the same database as your desktop version of osFinancials so you can access the data in the powerful interface and have your data available in a webbrowser.

download now.

You will need your registration data from this (osFinancials/TurboCASH) site like username and password.

After installing, you will need to go do the following steps.

Books folder : Set this to the full folder and books.fdb of your set of books.

server : leave blank.

user name and password : If not changed, the default is sysdba and masterkey.

Server port : IF not adjusted, just leave blank.

Webserver port : A free port on the PC running the webserver default 8887.

osf website username and password : Username and password of this website.

Document email pro ini files - If you have purchased the email mail pro plugin, you may set the *.ini files to the details of your Internet service provider (ISP).

Before you click on the Save and start server button, If the Set of Books already have users and passwords set, you may continue (click on the Save and start server button).

If usernames and passwords are not set in the Set of Books, you must create users in Access control so users can login.

Go to Access control (on the Setup ribbon) in osFinancials / TurboCASH to add create users.

Always create backups before makign important changes!

Important - You need to close the Set of Books before you start the server.

When you click on the Save and start server button, the program will check the setiings to see if these are correct, and if correct, it will start the following program.


Clik on the little world icon to start viewing the webpage.

You may find your local ip by executing


In the DOS box, type in


and press enter.

Find the part that says IPv4-adres and use this to replace the in the url of your web browser.

This url should give you access true your local lan. If you can access this try the WIFI with a smart-phone or tablet you can login to the web-server from these devices by using there web-browser.

Enter the correct Username and User password of your Set of Books.

You may choose any of the available languages in your osFinancials  / TurboCASH installation. The interface will be displayed in the selected language. 

Once you have logged in, the following options will be listed.