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Article Index

Projecten in osFinancials

You may create Reporting Groups (Status Group) for Projects. These Projects may be activated in batches and documents.

Once the batches and / or documents are posted (updated to the ledger), you may generate various reports for each Projects on the Sidebar of the Action menu.

The processes for Projects are as follows:

  1. Activate Projects

  2. Create Project Groups (Status Group)

  3. Create a New Project

  4. Add Budget for Projects

  5. Create Documents for a Project

  6. Create Invoices for Hours

  7. Use Projects in Batches (Journals)

    1. Activate Projects in Batches (Journals)

    2. Process Transactions in Batches

  8. Reports

    1. Project - Stock Items

    2. Project – Hours

    3. Project – Statements

    4. Project – Totals

    5. Project – Transactions